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December 31 3:50 PM the Capricorn Sun sets on London Fields

Autumn Equinox in London Fields

The Hackney MILE OF ART

Mile of Art Photoblog1 

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Courtesy: http://www.gerty.ncl.ac.uk/photos/A_358.htm
"Phonecian block in the quarry [Hajar el Hibla "The Stone of the Pregnant Woman" or the Stone of the South. European woman on horseback, probably Gertrude Bell]"

http://www.gerty.ncl.ac.uk/letters/l435.htm "Baalbek. Sun. June 3.[1900].. The valleys, near the streams, are lined with the deepest thickest vegetation, poplars vines and corn and every sort of fruit tree; the villages well built, clean, prosperous -Gertrude Bell Letters

"Mon 4. ..at 9, or so, we started off with a guide...We rode up first to the quarries, the Phoenician quarries, where some of the great blocks for the Temple of Baal are still lying, all hewn and ready and never used."  Gertrude Bell Letters



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